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Services and Software for Condominium Administrators

Services and Applications for Condominium Administration Studios

We proudly extend an offer to condominium administrators throughout Italy – our exceptional product ‘ESPLETO‘. This powerful management software, in continuous development, has been meticulously crafted by our company in collaboration with a leading IT firm. Together, we have harnessed its capabilities to align with the ever-evolving needs of the industry.

Empower your condominium administration office with ‘ESPLETO’ at an affordable daily rate of €1. Unlock an array of benefits that will optimize your efficiency and streamline your operations:

Are you a condominium administrator seeking support in management, considering delegating the management of your condominium package to us, or interested in affiliating with Shark Building?

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Espleto APP

ESPLETO Collaborators Area

Our sophisticated internal management system stands as the cornerstone of support for our administrative and technical staff.

Moreover, the Administrator exercises continuous oversight, even remotely, using tablets and smartphones.

ESPLETO Supplier Area

Our cutting-edge tool is not only at the disposal of Accredited Condominium Suppliers but also empowers them to report a malfunction signaled by a condominium resident.

This includes updating the progress status, attaching photos or relevant files, and handling administrative tasks like invoicing.

Property management information  is seamlessly integrated into the Personal Area of the Condominiums. This keeps residents informed about the progress and resolution of ongoing interventions, all while being under the vigilant supervision of the Administrator. This keeps residents informed about the progress and resolution of ongoing interventions, all while being under the vigilant supervision of the Administrator.

We are dedicated to monitoring the performance of  Condominium Services  provided by accredited Suppliers. We offer assistance and support, collaborate in resolving issues, report complaints, and propose corrective actions.

Notably, this app now boasts an updated user-friendly design, enables users to manage their personal profiles through easy registration, and promotes the X Card – the Group’s services card that harnesses the synergies of the supplier pool, even for private maintenance of condominium

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Services for the start of the Business

The Shark Building will furnish to its Franchisees the following services:

All these services will be overseen by our our management system and executed with utmost professionalism.

The Franchisor will offer, at no cost, a desktop PC, a desk telephone, activation of the telephone line with ADSL, and an office photocopier/scanner, along with advertising materials like flyers and signs branded with Shark Building.

Regular and extraordinary maintenance of the PC, printer/photocopier/scanner, and telephone line will be the responsibility of the Franchisor.

These mentioned items will be directly delivered to the operational headquarters designated by the Franchisee within 20 days of the Commercial Affiliation Agreement’s signing.

Additionally, the Franchisee will enjoy access to the Franchisor’s accounting methods, including the Danea Domostudio Management Software with continuous updates, and the preparation of payments to suppliers through On-Line and F24 methods, which will be authorized for forwarding by the Franchisor.

Ongoing Support

Throughout the contract’s duration, the Franchisor guarantees the Franchisee territorial and service exclusivity concerning the channels and sales units directly managed by the Franchisor

This assistance will primarily involve:


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