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Innovative Condominium Administration and Management Services

Shark Building is a company specializing in condominium management. Over the years, we have cultivated efficient working methods and developed proprietary software designed to optimize our business model and others

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Shark Building

Over 30 years of Experience in the Condominium Administration and Management Sector

Shark Building is the franchise established by the Property Shark group with the purpose of expanding other enterprises in the condominium administration sector or providing training to professionals interested in pursuing this field using our expertise and tools.

Condominium Management

Direct Condominium Administration

We handle the management and administration of a wide range of condominium buildings, from small-scale complexes to expansive real estate developments. Each property is assigned a dedicated Property Manager who is prepared to step in and address any issues that may arise.

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Document Management

Administrative Accounting Efficiency

Drafting of ordinary and extraordinary annual reports, debt collection procedures, and arrears recovery plans.


Operational Activity

Problem Solving and Optimization of Condominium Management Services

Resolution of any type of problem in condominium and real estate issues with 360° customer service support.

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Regulatory Activity


Regulatory adaptations of systems (lifts, architectural barriers, etc.) and updating of files.

Personal area dedicated to the apartment dwellers of the condominiums we manage

You can report any issues to contribute to the proper management of your condominium building through multiple channels that are active 24/7, 365 days a year. In addition to our traditional telephone channels, you can report events through this Reserved Area, download our smartphone and tablet app, or call our toll-free number at 800-598-066

Administration Studies

Our Services for other Condominium Administration Companies

We offer condominium administrators from all over Italy our product ‘ESPLETO,’ a powerful management software in continuous development. This software was designed and created by our company in collaboration with a leading IT company that continuously translates our organizational and operational needs into robust IT tools.


'ESPLETO' operational management software available for you at a cost of €1 per day to
optimize your time and make your administration office more efficient.


Outsource the administrative accounting and front office tasks of your firm to our data
processing centre in Milan.


- In addition to the SW365 and CED functions, there is complete 360° management on our


A training service that enables an apartment dweller to directly manage his/her
building independently.

Financial Auditing

We safeguard the legal integrity of administrators by meticulously verifying the
accuracy and truthfulness of entries in the condominiums' financial statements.

Shark Building Affiliation

Become a condominium management firm affiliated with Shark Building

Thanks to our support and services, fully at your disposal, you can independently establish and manage a Local Point for condominium administration

  • Logistic Support

    Assistance in configuring your studio according to our established standards.

  • Consulting for Attracting New Customers

    Expert advice and support for customer acquisition.

  • Access to Online Portals

    Access to our online portal for administrative and operational management (ESPLETO)

  • Equipment Supply

    Provision of pre-configured personal computers equipped with our management software


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Become an Area Manager for Local Points in Your Region.

We provide every Local Point with the opportunity to further develop their real estate brokerage and condominium management activities through our internal training programs. Join us in expanding and establishing a network of professionals at provincial, regional, and national levels

Consulting and Training Area

Training in Legal and Condominium Matters

We offer personal tutoring to support the various professionals in your office and provide access to a virtual platform on our website where you can discuss issues and ask questions.


Formazione Operativa


Formazione Giuridica

Formazione Operativa

Formazione Giuridica


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