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We present a straightforward plan to the condominium dwellers of the properties under our management, offering them the opportunity to reduce their management costs by capitalizing on economies of scale. This is achieved through:

At Shark Building, we extend a unique opportunity to condominiums with a limited number of units (up to 8 condominiums and 10 real estate units) across Italy. Our self-management solution, facilitated through our Online Platform, is designed to deliver results comparable to those achieved through the services of a local professional, all at an exceptionally modest cost.

Our plan, and the associated agreement between the self-managed condominium and our Online Platform, allows these condominiums to have a dedicated Administrator who administers the property with the same expertise as in more complex settings. This Administrator remains accessible by telephone or video conference. All of this is provided at an annual cost of just €250.00 + VAT. In return, the Administrator doesn’t require a physical presence on-site, although a reference point at a Local Point is an option if available in the vicinity

This Online Administrator takes care of all aspects of accounting, bureaucratic, fiscal, technical, and administrative management, including conflict resolution among Condominium Members. For matters exclusively tied to the physical presence within the condominium, the Administrator delegates responsibilities to Suppliers or the collaboration of Condominium Members themselves. This delegation is agreed upon in exchange for a significant reduction in Administrative Fees.

Consequently, any Ordinary Condominium Administrator who isn’t present, well-prepared, organized, competent, and trustworthy can be replaced through this approach. In such cases, thanks to the availability of our Online Platform and our support services, condominiums can transition to our Self-Management plan and designate one of their members as the new “In Casa” Administrator.

This compelling offer is open to condominiums nationwide with up to 8 condominiums, empowering them to take control of their self-management while having access to our professional support for all aspects of building management and inter-condominium relationships. The annual cost for this service is only €250.00 + VAT .

ESPLETO, our integrated platform, also establishes individual areas for self-management, enabling the submission of documents and invoices that are meticulously tracked throughout their insertion into the operational management system. This includes the order of payment from the Administrator, payment records, and historical archives.

We extend this invitation to private individuals across Italy who participate in small condominiums of up to 8 units and aspire to take charge of their self-management with the guidance of a Professional, all at the affordable cost of €250.00 + VAT.


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