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Financial Auditor

As per Article 1130bis, Paragraph 3 of the Civil Code, the Condominium Assembly retains the authority to appoint an Auditor for the purpose of scrutinizing the condominium’s financial records.
In cases where the Assembly does not take this initiative, individual condominium owners hold the right to independently commission a Review Such Reviews can be conducted on a specific, case-by-case basis or they can be established as an ongoing process.

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Criminal Law

Sexual Harassment

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Business Law

Business Litigation

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Company Law

Business Contracts

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Condominium Audit

For the Condominium and those entitled to it we provide:

Oggetto della Revisione

Obiettivi della Revisione

Incarico della Revisione

Accesso allo Studio dell’Amministratore

La Raccolta Documentale

Circolarizzazione dei Fornitori

Analisi Finalizzata ad Oggetto e Obiettivi

Stesura Finale della Revisione

Shark Building has its own Condominium Auditor r to conduct comprehensive inspections and oversee the financial, economic, and asset-related aspects of the properties managed by our Affiliated Condominium Administrators. This service extends to third-party condominiums that decide to appoint an Auditor either within their Assembly or through Administrators designated by the Assembly.

Furthermore, we provide advisory services to other Condominium Administration businesses to ensure that they adhere to proper operational practices and are well-prepared for any potential audits.

We also extend our Audit Services to Real Estate Agencies across Italy to help them assess the financial conditions of properties they are brokering, ensuring that buyers are spared any unpleasant surprises.

At Shark Building, our commitment is to deliver transparency and correctness in the management of condominiums throughout Italy, ensuring reliable outcomes for all parties involved.

Target Audience:

condominiums across Italy. If you’ve assigned us as your Condominium Auditor, it means you want to ensure that your Administrator is working effectively and in your best interests. Alternatively, you might be considering a change in your Administrator and are thinking of entrusting this responsibility to us.


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