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Commercial Affiliation

We provide the opportunity to establish a Commercial Affiliation Contract with us. With the help of our extensive knowledge and expertise, we are dedicated to supporting other companies in the same sector with their growth, as well as training professionals who aspire to enter this business.

Given that:

The Franchisor (Shark Building Srl) is a multifaceted company dedicated to enhancing the quality
and accessibility of support services related to the management and administration of
condominiums. It strives to facilitate smoother management operations by offering swift technical
and administrative support through a dedicated platform with a user-friendly interface.

In the pursuit of its activities, the Franchisor has amassed substantial knowledge, information, and
valuable practical insights (Know How) in this field

The Franchisor is the rightful owner of the Shark Building Srl trademark, which serves to
distinguish the businesses of its affiliates.

To initiate or expand their business, the Franchisee seeks to leverage our Know How, technical guidance, and commercial assistance for business organization and management. They also wish to use our trademark.

Throughout the contract's duration, the Franchisor guarantees the Franchisee territorial and service
exclusivity concerning the channels and sales units directly managed by the Franchisor. However,
the Franchisor retains the right to unilaterally modify the brand, systems, and suppliers at any time.

The Franchisee is obligated to establish their business using products exclusively provided by the
Franchisor, including:
- Help Desk
- Supplier and Intervention Activation and Monitoring Software
- Software for invoicing, financial statement preparation, 770 forms, meeting scheduling, agenda
drafting, and condominium registry maintenance
- Online Reporting Area
- Technical, fiscal, and legal advisory services

The Franchisor will handle all administrative and accounting activities that the Franchisee needs for the condominiums under their management.

Services for the start of the Business

To assist the Franchisee in overcoming initial challenges related to implementing the commercial approach, the Franchisor will furnish the following services:

All these services will be overseen by our our management system and executed with utmost professionalism.

The Franchisor will offer, at no cost, a desktop PC, a desk telephone, activation of the telephone line with ADSL, and an office photocopier/scanner, along with advertising materials like flyers and signs branded with Shark Building.

Regular and extraordinary maintenance of the PC, printer/photocopier/scanner, and telephone line will be the responsibility of the Franchisor.

These mentioned items will be directly delivered to the operational headquarters designated by the Franchisee within 20 days of the Commercial Affiliation Agreement’s signing.

Additionally, the Franchisee will enjoy access to the Franchisor’s accounting methods, including the Danea Domostudio Management Software with continuous updates, and the preparation of payments to suppliers through On-Line and F24 methods, which will be authorized for forwarding by the Franchisor.

Ongoing Support

Throughout the entirety of the Commercial Affiliation Agreement, the Franchisor will provide support to the Franchisee in addressing any issues pertaining to business management.

This assistance will primarily involve:

Consultation Services

The Franchisor will,
at the request of the Franchisee, offer the following advisory services:

Consultation on resolving fiscal, legal, and administrative matters associated with business management.

Consultation on control and management techniques.

Technical advice for managing safety and prevention concerns.

Advisory on addressing labor relations and staff training issues.

Target Audience:

We extend our services to all entrepreneurs in Italy, including startups, who aspire to venture into the Condominium Administration sector, with potential expansion into the associated Real Estate Brokerage field.

ESPLETO additionally establishes personalized areas for Shark Building’s affiliated administrators, enabling them to submit documents and invoices. These submissions are meticulously recorded and monitored as they are integrated into the operational management system. The process includes payment orders from the administrator, records of payments made, and maintenance of a historical archive


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