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Direct Condominium Administration
Condominium Management

Direct Condominium Administration

We efficiently and professionally manage buildings of all sizes, relying on a highly qualified team that is responsive to any requirement. We collaborate with esteemed professionals and craftsmen who have earned our trust and respect through their consistent results over the years.

Upon taking on a new assignment, our consultant team at the head office promptly collects and analyses the condominium’s records, scrutinizing past management practices. Following the initial property inspection, we commence monitoring and management efforts aimed at ensuring the proper utilization of services.

We routinely address the needs of condominium members within the boundaries of authority delegated to us by the Assembly. Any decisions exceeding the ordinary scope or requiring consultation with the condominium chancellors are referred to the Assembly.
In case of emergencies, our facility remains accessible 24/7, every day of the year.
The Shark Building Administrator provides written responses to all requests from condominium owners, prioritizing the use of digital channels for efficiency and speed. In addition to traditional postal communication, each condominium owner can also engage with us swiftly through the dedicated section on our Internet portal.

When necessary, the Shark Building Administrator is available for scheduled meetings either at our office or on-site at the condominium for direct property inspections. Periodically, the Administrator conducts reconnaissance and inspection visits, regardless of any scheduled assessments, and leaves a presence notice on the condominium noticeboard

revisore contabile condominiale

Criminal Law

Sexual Harassment

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affiliazione shark building: affiliazione commerciale per gestione condominio

Business Law

Business Litigation

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Company Law

Business Contracts

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Attività Documentale

Efficienza Contabile Amministrativa

Drafting of ordinary and extraordinary annual reports, debt collection procedures, and arrears recovery plans.


Attività Operativa

Problem Solving e Ottimizzo dei Servizi Condominiali

Resolution of any type of problem in condominium and real estate issues with 360° customer service support.

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Attività Normativa


Regulatory adaptations of systems (lifts, architectural barriers, etc.) and updating of files.

We uphold the highest standards of Efficiency, Dynamism, Transparency, and Administrative Professionalism.

We provide Condominiums across Italy the opportunity to appointan established and well-equipped organization with exceptional organizational skills, competence, and professionalism. Through our affiliated structure, working in collaboration with the nearest Local Point, we operate in strict adherence to the law, promoting and emphasizing the economic and social significance of the Condominium Administrator role.This is essential for safeguarding the administration and management of real estate assets and condominiums.

Our comprehensive platform ensures you have direct oversight, and we maintain constant vigilance through our Condominium Auditors. They diligently monitor and support the Administrator’s activities, aligning our interests with the success of real estate assets, condominiums, and our brand.

Translation in all languages

We provide translation services for texts in all languages, including press releases, assembly minutes, and condominium rules. Our focus is on fostering awareness and promoting adherence to civil living and coexistence regulations.

Data security

Data security is a top priority for us. We employ state-of-the-art IT tools, antivirus systems, and daily data backups on external optical media. Our offices are safeguarded by anti-intrusion and remote alarm systems.

Our commitment to professionalism is reinforced by our SARA Professional Responsibility and UCA Legal Protection Policies. We ensure that our Professional Condominium Administrators comply with the obligations outlined in Law 220/2013 and Law 4 of 14 January 2013

Personal area dedicated to the apartment dwellers of the condominiums we manage

We have a dedicated personal area for individual condominium owners. Our Shark Building Administrator promptly addresses all inquiries from condominium owners, and for enhanced speed and efficiency, we prioritize digital communication through IT channels. In addition to traditional postal communication, each condominium owner can conveniently interact through our dedicated online portal


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